Deep Sea Shrimp

The online journal of a deep sea shrimp (pandalus borealis).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dude, Where's My Phyloplankton?

This is normally an apolitical blog, but since President Bush has ruled out any Kyoto-style deal on climate change at the G8 summit, you'll allow me a little soapbox rant.

Marine phyloplankton comprise a quarter of the world's vegetation, and chlorophyll (a biomass indicator of these plants) is the most frequent measured biochemical parameter in aquatic science (and is therefore the key metric in a world concerned about climate change).

More importantly, it's all I (and several billion other shrimp) have to eat.

This left Dave (who was visiting for the weekend) and myself feeling rather depressed, so I fired up the DVD player and gave him his birthday present a week early. 92 gut-munching minutes later, and the multiple perturbations on phyloplankton communities seemed less important, somehow.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Cannibal Rollerbabes

Apologies for my absence from the blogosphere, but I've only recently returned from visiting a cousin of mine, Lysmata amboinensis. I must have put on at least a couple of grams as it's a real plankton-fest throughout the Indo-Pacific Basin!

Although on vacation, talk inevitably turned to the reproductive characteristics of Lysmata Hippolytidae, which I suspect are hermaphroditic. Disappointingly, my cousin said he "didn't mind what they did in the privacy of their own coral, provided it was between consenting Hippolytidae". I suspect he reads The Daily Shrimp.

However, I was delighted to discover that we share an interest in anthropological film making, so we watched Kalman Szegvary's little known contribution to the genre.