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Monday, April 03, 2006

Grizzly Shrimp

Timothy Treadwell, the gonzo naturalist star of Grizzly Man, claimed to have done more for Ursus arctos within the Alaska's Katma National Park than any other human. Whilst one cannot doubt his conviction, courage, and dedication, all three were misplaced and Treadwell (quite rightly, in this shrimp's opinion) ended up as bear faeces.

Maybe Treadwell's enthusiasm would have been better directed at bringing life 3000 metres below the Atlantic ocean to the public's attention? Granted, the bathypelagic region may not provide dramatic spectacle comparable with 10 foot-tall grizzlies frolicking in their natural habitat, but (according to friends) I do a very amusing impression of Blakey from 'On The Buses' that I'm sure cinema-goers would enjoy.


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