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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Night Of The Living Blog

Regular readers can imagine how excited Dave and myself were when George A Romero recently released the fifth instalment of his dead series. It was only after leaving the cinema 60 minutes into the screening, disgusted at the total absence of flesh eating activity, that we realised that Dave had misread the cinema listings and we'd in fact watched the first hour of 'Dairy Of The Dead', a documentary examining the collapse of the British milk industry.

Once we had seen 'Diary of The Dead', Dave observed that at 68, Romero's apocalyptic Zombie genre was still a relevant metaphor to critique modern society, and that he continued to do so with more verve and relevance than directors half his age. I could only half agree, pointing out that 'Diary' was so last century, and that surely the title 'Blog Of The Dead' would have shown just how 'on the ball' Romero still is. Dave then challenged me to sketch out how this re-imagined film might work. "Well it's simple" I replied, "Half of the film concentrates on the pitiful, brain-dead activities of mindless bloggers, and the other half looks at zombies."


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